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Family Online Tracker is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool designed to help parents protect their children’s online safety. With Family Online Tracker, you can monitor your children’s messaging app activities while they are away from home. With Family Online Tracker, you can have peace of mind knowing your children are safe online.

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Family Online Tracker App That Makes It Easy To Control

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Family Online Tracker is an application that helps families monitor and control the amount of time their children spend on messaging applications, to ensure a safe internet experience. It is important to limit the time children spend on messaging applications in order to provide a secure internet experience. The application helps families observe their children's online experiences and take necessary measures to ensure their safety. Through the application, families can track the online activities of their children.


Get Notified

With the Family Online Tracker app, you can get real-time notifications when your family members are online or offline. Stay up-to-date with your loved ones' online activities and ensure their safety.

Time Tracking with Tags

Information recorded with a separate tag for each person includes various online activities, including sleep times, school hours, online activity times at home, and more. You can provide more detailed analysis.

Compare Features

It allows you to analyze how often or how long communication takes place between two numbers. This feature allows users to easily measure and compare how often or how long communication takes between two numbers.

24/7 Online Support

24/7 Online Support, with its expert team that provides help and support to our customers around the clock, we are ready to help anytime, anywhere. 


Family Online Tracker offers an easy and secure way to monitor your family's, kids' and loved ones' messaging app usage. By using this tool to track your kids' online time on messaging apps, you can create a security wall that you can keep under your control to ensure the safety of your kids' messaging apps.

How the App Works

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Detailed Statistics

Family Online Tracker has been developed to allow families to more easily monitor their children's online status in the messaging app. Various usage statistics can be accessed daily, weekly and monthly. Families can obtain and control detailed information about online activities.

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Tagged Time Tracker

The information recorded for each kids is meticulously organized with separate tags to encompass a wide range of online activities. These activities include sleep schedules, school hours, and the duration of online activity while at home, among others. By maintaining a comprehensive record of each kids' digital habits, it becomes possible to provide a more in-depth analysis of their online behavior patterns. 

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